That's right I've booked my place for the Ironman from hell! I'm signed up for the City to Summit by Rat race. I'll be honest I was enjoying the training and thought it would be a grand idea, but now I'm not entirely sure that this was.

Lets look at the facts

1. I was heading in the direction of my 30th birthday,

2. I was feeling about as fit as a runner as I have in a very long time,

3. I want to do something in 2014 because I qualify as a marine engineer at the end of July and after that it's 4 months on ship 2 months at home, which means mini adventures for a few years only...

So based on these facts I booked my place and paid my fee (considerably less than an official ironman event)! and I've taken my SIU (Suck It Up) pills ready for a train whatever the weather season so lets hope for a good one! Don't mind the cold but less rain would be good if my new years wish can come true!

I've discussed this with a few friends and they have described it as nuts. Yep, but what fantastically gold plated hefty nuts they are!

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