A mini-adventure, is pretty much what it says, its a small little trip into the outdoors, with an overnight stay in a bivi-bag, tent or bothy, with a journey to get there and a journey to get back.

It can be any way you like, you can swim to the other side of a river, hike up a hill outside of town, or cycle to a National Park, what matters is the experience.

So don't wait, don't ask the question, Why? Instead, ask yourself, Why not?

It doesn't have to cost the earth, take the food you’d have cooked at home, build a fire, use an old pan, cook the beans in their can! Buy camping kit on eBay, or the charity shop, beg and borrow.

Take a friend, take a book, take pictures, take some film, leave only footprints and take only memories, but that's what its all about really, memories, isn't that the reason for life, the memories we make along the way?

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