So it's winter, or near abouts as really matters, and I've returned from 3 months on a car carrier with the final bit of my college course left to finally qualify as a Marine Engineer. Having not done a huge amount of exercise during my time on board ship due to a poor gym, the time has come to return to the land of exercise.

So I've bought a new turbo trainer, my trainers are all still in good nick, and I've got a swimming pool down the road, so it's 8 weeks of training to get the fitness levels back up before I return to Newcastle for my last 7 months and some serious endurance challenges. I know I definitely want to do another marathon, but I also have book marked this year as the Ironman distance event year as I'm not back to sea until August at the earliest and this allows me to get up to the level of fitness I will need to be at to attempt it.

I'm also up for a good open water swim so that I can get ready for the more than likely open water swim I'll be doing in the Ironman. So other than ensuring I have the cash, that looks like a good amount of training ready to fit in. Lets hope all the twinges and aches fade fast and the fitness returns, to allow me to get some decent endurance in.

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