Welcome to my blog! The things I've been up to, thinking about, kit I've been using, things of interest, or plans have in the pipeline . . .

I'm working on streaming it, improving it, and ultimately adding to it! If there is anything you cant find, then please email me at blog@andrewjpturner.com

I hope you enjoy the read, feel free to email me with any ideas for posts, improvements or tests.

Thank you.

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Ralston adventurer or fool? What Constitutes Adventure City To Summit

Billed as the "Toughest Triathlon", it was with only a slight trepidation that I lined up ready for the mass swim start at South Queensferry on the 31st May. Kitted in full 5-3mm wetsuit, hood, gloves, and neoprene socks, in an attempt to block the cold of the north sea, it was going to be a very long day and I was going to need a good deal of . . .

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