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Well 5 x 50 is my idea of pushing myself but in small amounts. What I’m going to do is I’m planning on running 5km every day for 50 days.


Well I return to my usual, why not?

Running is a great form of fitness but there is no real challenge in running on a daily basis for me. I currently have no races that I am building towards, however I’ve taken a long time to get my fitness to the current level. So a challenge is to sustain that fitness by running every day and in the process (I hope) get better at running/get a toned stomach.

The plan;

- 5km every day.

- slowest average pace allowed 9min/mile.

- even if I’m away on a trip I’ve got to complete 5km for that day.

- I’m allowed to have a rest day once a week only if I have completed 10km the previous day inside the allowed limits.

- I must take you through my experiences by letting you know of pain etc!

That's all the rules, but I will keep you up to date so pop back as things continue!!!

Thank You


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